Turnkey Business

Our turnkey business model is very easy and you don’t need to know anything about real estate investing in order to make a very good return on your investment (ROI).

We start by searching and locating good investment properties in the Pittsburgh market. We use different methods, such as the MLS System, For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listings, Bank Owned Properties, Estate Sales, and other avenues to find good investments.

Once we located a property we negotiate with the seller to purchase the property. After we purchase the property, we renovate it to our high standards, ensuring that any future maintenance is at minimum. Most renovation projects last between three and five weeks.  Through that time, we market the property to our investors, home buyers, and future tenants. When the renovation is complete, it is rented for an annual net return of 11% to 14%.

Real estate investment can be extremely stressful and time consuming. The best way investors can ease stress in their real estate investing portfolio is to be educated about the housing market they choose to invest in, and the team they choose to work with. We, at Lakeview Capital, are experts in the Pittsburgh real estate market. We have been investing in the Pittsburgh region for more than a decade, buying, selling, renovating, and managing properties.  To create a stress-free investment for you, we offer our management services.

We manage the property for the investors, making sure it is the most profitable and efficient at all times. As part of our management services, we take care of the property and its maintenance, ensuring high quality service to all the tenants’ needs. We take pride in offering a 2-year lease to each qualified tenant, tracking the rise of rents across the city and more importantly being able to provide such a quality rental experience for the tenant that they choose to renew and extend their lease.

Why Investing with Lakeview Capital?

  • The Pittsburgh market is one of the most favorable housing markets in the US today,  according to Forbes magazine, as well as other financial literature
  • We are a local real estate company, expertise in the local Pittsburgh market
  • We take the investor step-by-step from beginning to end in order to achieve successful results.
  • We are reliable, responsible, and have great communication skills with in and out-of-state investors.