26 Rankings That Prove Pittsburgh is Better Than Every Other City

Pittsburghers love Pittsburgh, there is no doubt about that. But it’s not only us, the locals who adore the city. It’s a proven fact! Here are 26 rankings why Pittsburgh is better than every other city:

  1. Ranked 6 times as most livable city in the US
  2. 5th most resilient city in the world!
  3. Best city in the US to pursue the American dream
  4. Has the most stunning view and ranked as the best skyline in the world!
  5. Charitable population
  6. 3rd safest city in the US
  7. One of the best cities in the US for 2o-somethings
  8. Top comeback city in the US
  9. Has one of the most up-and-coming neighborhoods in the US
  10. Smartest city in the US
  11. The nation’s next food town!
  12. Has more bars than capital and 2nd in pizza shops in the US
  13. Most exciting place in Pennsylvania
  14. One of the best places to play
  15. One of America’s most bikeable cities
  16. Ranked #1 in affordability
  17. A leader in literacy
  18. One of three best trips in the world
  19. The most beautiful ballpark
  20. One of all-American vacation destinations
  21. One of most well-read cities
  22. One of top romantic cities
  23. Best urban hike
  24. Best family travel destinations
  25. Best place to retire
  26. One of the best cities to start a business

Did we forget anything? To read more about these rankings and become a Pittsburgh groupie click here