Lakeview Capital has renovated countless single-family and multi-unit properties for real estate investors and worked to build genuine relationships with the crews, contractors and laborers who provide the true nuts and bolts detail work of each of our renovation jobs.

We renovate each and every property we purchase, inspect construction work on a daily basis, and keep you up-to-date on the progress. We ensure all of our properties are ready for tenants to move

Our properties are renovated and designed in such quality fashion, we can typically charge the higher end of rent for the area, and frequently have tenants waiting in line to sign contracts with us, often before the property is even complete.

Mortgage, Closing, and Title search

We use our own closing and title search company and we make sure each property is clear of title issues, taxes, and liens before we purchase it. Additionally, we work closely with mortgage companies and banks, to ensure smooth process as much as possible.