Ami Pishoto – Co-Founder


Ami brings more than a decade of real estate and entrepreneurial experience to the clients of Lakeview Capital. He is a certified real estate broker, and a skillful investor himself. Ami oversees property acquisitions as well as day-to-day operations in the company. He manages the entire investment process, from finding deals, through negotiations with homeowners, banks, and agents, to ongoing communication with our investors.

Joel Holc – Co-Founder



Joel brings to the clients of Lakeview Capital more than two decades of entrepreneurial experience and real estate investing. Along with Ami, he set the foundation to what would later become Lakeview Capital with the first investment property purchased on Lakeview Drive more than a decade ago. Joel oversees the entire rehabilitation operation of each property acquired by Lakeview Capital. In addition to his daily communication with our contractors, he also runs our property management division.

Sarah Jewel – Investor Relations and Bookkeeping

sarah web

Sarah is a licensed real estate agent and a certified ultrasound technician. She has been working with Ami and Joel for more than a decade. Sarah brings her administration expertise and her excellent communication skills to our clients. She manages Lakeview Capital’s bookkeeping, customer-relations, property management, and all administration needs.

Merav Pishoto – HR & Marketing Director

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Merav has been part of Lakeview Capital since its inception. She holds a BA in Psychology from Chatham College and a MA in Industrial Organizational Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Merav combines her academic background with her marketing and social networking experience, which benefits Lakeview Capital’s marketing strategies and public relations.

Jennifer Lentz – Real Estate Agent and Acquisition Coordinator

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Jennifer is our acquisition coordinator and a certified real estate agent. She coordinates all acquisition-related operations.